So why Extreme?

When it comes to production music there is a ton of choice out there, SO WHY EXTREME??

From humble punk rock beginnings in Camden Town, London, Extreme is today renowned as production music’s poster child and a trusted tastemaker to the media industry since 1997.

Our extraordinary roster and tireless pursuit for authenticity attracts discerning users and brands that understand that when you cast an Extreme track you are choosing music that has been lovingly hand-stitched by world renowned maestros and producers that have passionately crafted a catalogue that is guaranteed not to leave a hair on your neck lying down!

Around our water cooler you will find notorious titans of talent such as Quincy Jones, Hans Zimmer, Sir George Martin, Snoop Dogg, Atticus Ross, Labrinth, Rodney Jerkins, Ramin Djawadi, Clint Mansell, Harry Gregson-Williams, Christopher Lennertz, Sasha, John Digweed, Michael Giacchino, Timbaland, Amon Tobin, John Powell, James S. Levine, Xzibit, Blues Saraceno, Junkie XL, DJ Shadow and that’s just on a Monday.

Our relentless quest to curate a collection of strictly legit specialist labels has gained us a reputation for delivering Grade A cuts more useful than park assist and cooler than the other side of the pillow.

Ok, that’s pretty much it… just years of expertise, a deep history in music production and a monumental multi-Grammy award team…  nothing to it really!

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A-List Talent

Boris Blank

Swiss Avant Garde Composer • Half Of The Duo Yello


Mucho Deniro

Recording Artist, Performer, MTV, New Line/Warner Bros "Keanu"


Hans Zimmer

Academy Award-Winning Composer • The Dark Knight, Lion King, Inception, Gladiator, Dunkirk


Jared James Nichols

Iconic Blues-Rock Guitarist & Vocalist

JJNichols (1)

Kate Crash

Songwriter, Producer, Multimedia Artist


Quincy Jones

27x Grammy Award-Winning Producer • Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Little Richard, Donna Summer, Whitney Houston, Paul Simon


Sir George Martin

Super Producer for The Beatles…Nuff Said


Rodney Jerkins

2x Grammy Award-Winning Producer • Drake, Michael Jackson, Destiny's Child, Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, Whitney Houston


Ramin Djawadi

6x Emmy Award-Nominated Composer • Game Of Thrones, Iron Man, Westworld, Pacific Rim, Prison Break


Junkie XL

Award-Winning Composer • Mad Max: Fury Road, Deadpool, Tomb Raider (2018), Brimstone, Divergent, FIFA 18 (video game), 300: Rise of an Empire


Steve Lindsey

Iconic Songwriter and Producer • Bruno Mars, Leonard Cohen, Dr. Dre, Billy Joel, Elton John, Céline Dion


Blues Saraceno

Iconic Rock Guitarist • Ziggy Marley, Poison, Cher, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Lucifer, Teen Wolf, Riverdale, Supernatural


James S. Levine

Emmy Award-Nominated Composer • American Horror Story, The Blacklist, Bloodline, Glee


Snoop Dogg

Multi-Platinum Entertainment Icon



Songwriter • Cher, Rihanna, The Backstreet Boys and Christina Aguilera



Multi-Platinum Rapper and Producer


Michael Giacchino

Academy Award-Winning Composer • Star Trek, War For The Planet Of The Apes, Inside Out, Ratatouille, Jurassic World, Zootopia


John Powell

Academy Award-Nominated Composer • How To Train Your Dragon, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Rio, The Bourne Identity


42 Academy Awards


275 Grammys


251 Emmys


94 Baftas


127 Ivors


123 Clios


Tim Kelly

SVP of Programming, Stephen David Entertainment

"Extreme Music is always my go to, they have the epic, cinematic scale that really brings our projects to the next level."

Clyde Lieberman

Exec of Music, Mark Burnett Productions

"Extreme Music has got it exactly right - brilliant music, awesome service and the most user friendly website out there."

Liz Gallacher

Music Supervisor, Velvet Ears

"For me Extreme Music is a truly game changing production music library."

Matt Thompson

Sound Designer, He Proximity

"I constantly catch myself listening to the tracks in Extreme's library, purely for my own enjoyment. That to me says a lot about the quality of their music."

Clem Pavey

Creative Lead, NBC Universal

"Extreme raised the bar creating great music with true commerical production values. I've been a fan ever since."

Abbey Hickman

Sr. Producer, Walker

"I'm always joyously suprised at the range of Extreme's catalog. Their service is great and their employees are the loveliest."

Ajax Broome

VP of Creative, Warmsprings Productions

"If you want originality, authenticity and soul, the team at Extreme should be the first ones you contact."

Vedat Kiyici

Head of Sound & Tech, Envy Studios

"Extreme's production quality is second to none, the music is never stale, Cusotmix option is just genius."

Neil Stewart

Freelance Editor, UK

"Extreme's music absolutely hits the spot. Customix feature allows me to get exactly the sound I want with minimum fuss."

Kevin Edelman

Music Supervisor, Metalman Media Inc.

"Extreme is an incredible resource that I turn to constantly. Amazing music, great production, well organized and easily searchable."

Simon Coldrick

Owner & Editor, The Bigger Picture

"Extreme Music is my go to production library. The quality of production is simply outstanding and the choice is immense."

Dan Neale

Managing Director,Native Music Supervision

"I use Extreme for production because I know they'll deliver something great and credible. They deliver it quickly too."

Marcy Bulkeley

Music Supervisor, Wild Card AV

"Extreme Music is always my go to. They have everything that you could possibly need for your project and it is all really solid stuff."

Nora Felder

Music Supervisor

"Extreme is always there when I need them and their site is EXTREMELY user friendly."

Nigel Crowley

Sound Engineer, Vandal

"Extreme is my go to and has been for years. Their site is efficient and the fact I can email playlists to clients saves me bags of time."

Kate Young

Managing Director, Sohd Music

"Extreme is a stand out library for me, as the exceptional quality of its recordings and composition place it in a class all its own."

Anthony Tiernan

Sr. Sound Engineer, Freelance Sound Designer

"I wouldn't be able to meet the demanding deadlines of music searches without Extreme Music and their fantastic team."

Trina Marie Hill

Music Supervisor

"Extreme Music truly covers all the bases when it comes to quality, variety and accessiblity. I can always find the perfect track."

Michael Perlmutter

Music Supervisor, Instinct Entertainment

"Extreme has a superb slection of music that is easy to access and license."

Christie Valeriano

Music Supervisor, ESPN

"Extreme's catalouge is fabulous when I am looking for something catxhy, interesting, diverse and cutting edge."

Jonathan Baker

Music Supervisor, Gurney Productions

"Extreme truly is the first and last place one should look for production music. They set themselves apart from the rest."

Tone Aston

Sound Designer, Rumble Studios

"I use Extreme every week, it has the biggest range of the best music in the business. Extreme has something great to offer."

Timothy Dixon

Creative Director, Jarrett Creative

"We're always working to create moods and tones across scripted and unscripted projects. Extreme always has the sound we're looking for."

Amelia Hartley

Music Supervision, Endemol UK

"Extreme is the first place we go for production music. They're extremely helpful and have a range of genres with excellent quality."

Andrew Kotako

Music Supervisor, Freelance

"Extreme are always on my list when I'm looking for world-class production music. The diversity never fails to impress."

Jen Moss

Director of Music Supervision, Warner Music

“Extreme Music are always top of my list when I need to find production music for the films I’m working on. Not only are their tracks of the highest quality, more than standing up against commercial tracks but they have one of the best teams around. Knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, fast and efficient. As a music supervisor, I always feel valued and know I can always count on Extreme to find me exactly what I’m looking for.”

Joe O'riordan

Music Supervisor, Superjacket Productions

“Extreme always seems to have what I need no matter the project while still putting out the best sounding music of any production library.”


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