Christmas In July

Get a head start on the ho-ho-holiday season.

Christmas In July

The holiday season will be upon us before you know it. There’s no need to worry, though (unless you’re on our naughty list). We’ve got all the music you need to make it magical and memorable.

Our Christmas In July playlist has all the beats for the holiday heat. Kris Kringle’s got nothing on these super-catchy stocking stuffers.

Down in the dumps with a case of serious seasonal sadness? We’ve got you covered with the Winter Blues Playlist. And if things should take a turn for the worst, we’ve got a sack full of frightening holiday horrors in our Christmas Nightmare Playlist.

Whether the mood is cheery or downright chilling this holiday season, you can bet your cookies n’ milk we’ve got the music to match. Download & license tracks from Christmas In July, Winter Blues, and Christmas Nightmare on Extreme Music now.