Listen Up: The Let’s Get Into It Podcast

Secrets to success in the world of independent filmmaking.

Listen Up: The Let’s Get Into It Podcast

Do you want to know the secrets to success in the world of TV and filmmaking from financing, casting, shooting, post-production, distribution and beyond? You’re in luck!  We recently discovered the Let’s Get Into It Podcast, a weekly behind the scenes crash course that details how to navigate the world of independent filmmaking, hosted by veteran independent producer Mark ”Ice” Roberts and aspiring filmmaker and actor Rod ”Tuddy” Rinks.

movie set behind the scenes

Roberts and Rinks recruit some of the industry’s heaviest hitters to sit down and discuss their unique journeys in entertainment, such as Tommy Harper (Executive Producer: Star Trek, Star Wars Ep. VII, Top Gun: Maverick), Ann Lewis Roberts (Producer & Writer: Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood), and Steven Bernstein (Director & Cinematographer: Decoding Annie Parker, Last Call, Magic City). Our very own Extreme Music CEO Russell Emanuel even stopped by to explain the importance of utilizing high-quality music in your productions.

In their latest episode, Emmy-winning TV icon Mario Lopez talks about the competitiveness of the industry and his journey from child star to respected actor, host, and producer. Check out the Let’s Get into Podcast here!