New Updates on

Part I: Similarity Search, Omnibox Search + more.

New Updates on

We’ve been tinkering under the hood to make your ride on even smoother. This high-octane update is full of new features and turbo-boosted improvements.

The new similarity search is guaranteed to fast track your search efforts. With this new tool, you’ll be able to upload a reference track by dragging and dropping the file in our search bar, or pasting the link to a reference track from YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Tiktok or Vimeo in our search bar and the search will find similar tracks in our library. Once you upload or paste a reference track, you’ll also be able to use our drill down for even more refined results.

The omnibox is the long address bar at the top of most web browsers. Now, with our new omnibox search, you’ll be able to start a search on on your way out the door of another site. Simply type into the address bar and press [Tab] on your keyboard. Everything you type after pressing [Tab] will be processed as a search on (Address bar > > [Tab] > Pop Music). Kind of like the express lane, right?

You’ll now see related albums by rows instead of tabs. This should help you see more relevant results when searching through albums. We’ve also included the metadata you used to search on the right of each category so you can keep track of what key terms you’re searching by.

If you have any questions, you can find more helpful information on our support page or you can reach out directly to an Extreme Music rep near you.