The award-winning Indian composer’s new album Euphoria is an ode to world music heritage.


Shashwat Sachdev is an award-winning Indian composer and songwriter. You’ve heard his original compositions in scores for internationally acclaimed films such as Uri: The Surgical Strike which is Bollywood’s 4th highest grossing film of 2019, winning India’s National Film Awards for Best Director, Best Actor, Best Audiography, and Best Music Director (Background Score).

Described as an ode to world music heritage, Sha’s new album Euphoria (And The Following Realities) represents his connections to world folk, classical Indian, and classical western music. For over a year, Sha and co-producer Magic Shruti adventured to eight different cities across India and worked with over 50 spectacular native musicians to extract the purest sounds of the cultures he was aiming to pay tribute to.

The result is something never heard or done before; music that was able to meld not only multiple cultures, but their versions past and present. Sha slams classical elements with modern and sophisticated production techniques, creating a sound that is truly awe-inspiring. We can confidently say that he accomplished his goal of breaking free of conservative forms and structures of cinematic music to create something extremely special and uniquely his own.

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