General FAQs

What is Extreme Music?

Extreme Music is an A-List talent driven production music company that creates and licenses music for use in television, film, advertising and online media.

Do I have to be registered to download tracks?

Yes. You must have a registered account to download tracks. Signup is free.

Do I need an account to listen to the music?

No, listen to as much as you like, be our guest.

How long does it take to be approved to download music?

You will receive immediate temporary download access when you register. An Extreme rep will contact you within 48-hours to approve you for permanent download access.

How do I reset my password?

Click “Forgot your password?” at the login and enter your email. A temporary password will be sent to you. After logging in, you’ll need to reset your password on your account details page.

Who can register to download music from Extreme Music?

Only media professionals qualify for full download access. We will contact you after you register (usually within 48 hours) with a few questions to qualify you for permanent access.

I can’t login. What do I do?

Make sure your browser is up to date and try resetting your password. If that doesn’t work contact your local Extreme office.

Can I try the track before I buy the license?

Try out our music with your project as much as you need. Just be sure to license it if you decide to use it.

How do I contact an Extreme Music rep?

Ring us at your local Extreme office, or hit our live chat on the website.

Licensing FAQs

Do I have to pay for Public Domain tracks in your library?

Yes. The sound recording is still protected by copyright and needs a license.

Do I get all versions and stems of that track when I buy a license online?

You sure do. Your license covers all of a track’s versions and stems.

Can I buy tracks for personal use?

Unfortunately, no. Stream us on Spotify or iTunes for casual listening.

What is the cost of using the music?

It depends on the project and use. You can price your license online or reach out to your local Extreme office.

How do I pay for music from Extreme Music?

You can check out securely online using a credit card to license and download music or you can ring us at your local Extreme office and we’ll handle your purchase and payment.

I downloaded and paid for the wrong track, what do I do?

Don’t freak out! Reach out to your local Extreme office or hit our live chat and we’ll get you the right license and track.

Are alternate language versions or cut downs included with my license?

No. You’ll need to contact your Extreme Music Rep or local Extreme office for pricing.

Content FAQs

What type of files can I download from the Extreme website?

We offer 48K WAVs, and AIFs, or 320 kbps MP3.

Do you make cue sheets?

Yes. We have a cue sheet creator and EDL upload tool to help organize your project. To learn about them click here.

Can I search lyrics?

Yes. Switch from “TRACKS” to “LYRICS” in any of our search bars.

I want to listen to Extreme Music’s library, but just for personal use. Can I do that?

Sure! Our music is streaming on Spotify and iTunes.

Are the downloaded tracks watermarked?

No. Our music downloads are broadcast ready MP3s, WAVs, or AIFFs.

What if I can't find the right track, can you help?

That’s what we do best! We’ve got expert music supervisors waiting for your call in your local Extreme office or on the other end of our live chat service.


For Australia

All broadcasts must be reported to the relevant Performing Right Organization (COMPASS, FILSCAP, MACP)

For Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

All broadcasts must be reported to the relevant Performing Right Organization (STIM, TONO, KODA, TEOSTO, STEF, RAO, UACRR, LATGA, AKKA-LA, EAÜ)

For UK, Ireland

All broadcast must be reported to the relevant Performing Right Organization (MCPS-PRS, IMRO)

For Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands

All broadcasts must be reported to the relevant Performing Right Organization (GEMA, AKM, Suissa and Buma Stemra)

For North America

All broadcast must be reported to the relevant Performing Right Organization (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOCAN)

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