Die With You by Quality Drugs

A deliciously devious next-level-experimental electronic anomaly.

Die With You by Quality Drugs

Rosie Oddie and Filippo Cimatti just delivered the goods to Extreme Music. As the group Quality Drugs and in collaboration with A-TONE Recordings, they’ve produced a deliciously dark and devious album fully loaded with chilling and captivating vocals and next-level-experimental electronic instrumentation. It’s got pop appeal as if Lady Gaga herself sent it back in time from a post-apocalyptic year 3000. You can’t help craving a listen of this maleficent masterpiece. How did they craft such a kick-ass collection? Let us try and explain…

bones UK rosie bones Carmen Vandenberg

After meeting at a blues kitchen in 2014, Rosie Oddie and guitarist Carmen Vandenberg formed the group BONES UK. Soon after, they caught the attention of legendary guitarist Jeff Beck who was so impressed by a performance he asked the duo to co-write his 2016 album Loud Hailer. It was while recording that album that Rosie would meet Beck’s producer Filippo Cimatti, kicking off their first of many collaborations to come.

jeff beck playing guitar

BONES UK had set aside working on their own original music to focus on Beck’s album and tour. Once that concluded, however, they were back at their own drawing board. That’s when they picked up the phone and redialed Cimatti to produce their first self-titled studio album, which has been welcomed enthusiastically by their fans and critics. It’s already collected over 10 million plays on Spotify since its release in July this year and is heavily praised by Billboard Magazine.

music producer filippo cimatti

With such a strong track record, it’s natural that the two would pair up for the album Die With You for Extreme Music. Have a listen for yourself: Die With You on Extreme Music