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Harness your inner producer and personalize tracks using our cloud-powered stem mixer. Adjust individual instrument levels, tempo, length, and arrangement for extra perfection.

Audition our tracks against your MP4 video files – no uploads required, so your content stays private.

Upload your EDL to create cue sheets for your production, then easily download them in any format.

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Trusted by the World's Best

Matt Parkes-Smith

Creative Producer & Sound Engineer, Global

The stems feature on their website is so damn good. No one does it quite like Extreme. Often imitated, never duplicated.

Emma Allaway

Head of Film & TV, Feel For Music

Particularly fond of the artist series sections of the catalogue; some real slick production in ‘commercial’ genres which you can definitely convinced clients has come off of Spotify!

Liz Morgan

Director, Creative Music Services, A+E Networks

Extreme Music is the go-to library at A+E Networks and has been my personal go-to for the better part of 20 years. Best. In. Class. I cannot recommend Extreme Music highly enough!

Jon Ernst

Music Supervisor, Showrunner Music, LLC

If I ever had to supervise a show stranded on a desert island all I would need is food, wi-fi, and the Extreme Music library...oh yeah, and maybe a book on how to build a boat.

Kyle Muller

Senior Writer / Producer, HBO / HBOMax Marketing AV

Every time I begin a new project, Extreme Music is the first place I contact – they have the best tracks and are the best people to work with!

Louie Andre

Associate Producer, Digitas

I love working with Extreme and Lena specifically! I always get a good amount of options (not overwhelmingly too much either) that match the reference shared and have some creative builds that I wouldn’t think of.

Leo Roth

Music Supervisor, Empire Design

I reach out to Extreme Music because of the quality and depth of genres and styles in their catalogue.

Nam Patel

Creative Services Manager, Disney+ Europe and Africa

Extreme Music is a production music library I’ve relied on for years! Excellent range of music, a user-friendly site, and the most awesome team.

Andy McNeil

Creative Manager, ABC TV

Extreme Music has provided the soundtrack to my creative work for over 25 years, both here and in the UK.

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