Exclusive NFTs from beathau5, Chemical X and Extreme Music

A step-by-step guide to acquiring your first NFT on Foundation.app using crypto.

Exclusive NFTs from beathau5, Chemical X and Extreme Music

Extreme Music teamed up with deadmau5’s mau5trap Recordings, Seven20, and Foundation (Foundation.app) to launch a collection of five video NFTs featuring artwork from renowned British contemporary artist Chemical X and tracks from Extreme Music’s recently debuted beathau5 label.

The first NFT in the collection is available now (Thursday, June 17th 2021). Each NFT will be auctioned for a limited time of 24 hours. After an auction concludes, the next NFT will be released until all five NFTs have been released and auctioned.

If you’re new to NFTs and cryptocurrency, we’ve created a guide to help get you setup with cryptocurrency and on your way to bidding on your first NFT.

1.) Set up a MetaMask wallet on Chrome, iOS, or Android. Think of this like your physical wallet. MetaMask acts as your holding wallet for your NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

** Do NOT lose or give away your seed phrase ** It is your private key to your collectibles and tokens. If it becomes compromised or lost, there is no restoring it and you may be permanently locked out of your wallet.

2.) Purchase some crypto! Coinbase is a great platform to buy crypto (coinbase.com). It’s quick, secure, and easy to use. Ethereum is the most commonly used cryptocurrency on Foundation.app.

You can now purchase Ethereum directly on MetaMask making it easy to start bidding on NFTs (If you buy your crypto directly on MetaMask, you can skip step 3).

3.) Once you’ve purchased your crypto, you will need to send it to your MetaMask wallet to purchase NFTs on different marketplaces, such as Foundation.app. You can think of this like loading your wallet (MetaMask) with cash that you just took out of your bank (Coinbase).

Be sure to use the exact receiving address of your MetaMask wallet when transferring cryptocurrency to it from your Coinbase account, or else the cryptocurrency could be sent elsewhere. Don’t be alarmed if the transfer takes a moment to show up in your MetaMask wallet, as the transfer is being processed on the blockchain with thousands of other transfers at the same time and may have to wait in the queue to be verified on the blockchain!

4.) Finally, go to Foundation (Foundation.app) to purchase NFTs using cryptocurrency from your MetaMask wallet. Click ‘CONNECT WALLET’ on Foundation.app. Sign in with your MetaMask wallet, create your own collector profile, and start bidding on beathau5 x Chemical X NFTs!

You can watch the videos and read the help articles below if you’re still having trouble purchasing NFTs on Foundation.app.

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