New Updates on

Drill down on Lyric Search, Playlist Tracking, Guided Tutorials + more.

New Updates on

Awesome update alert! We’ve made some updates to that are guaranteed to boost your search for the perfect track. Check it out.

At long last, you can now use drill down on lyrics searches. After searching for key lyrics in your ideal track, you can drill down even further by genre, tempo, moods, and more.

Our recently added Similarity Search feature allows you to search the catalog based off a reference track that you upload or link to. With our new update, we’ve removed the login wall so all visitors to the site can use the feature – even if they don’t have an account with us yet. We’ve also made the Similarity Search feature more visible and easier to invoke by placing an upload button directly on the search bars.

We’ve also introduced two refinement filters for the feature called Ignore Vocals and Prioritize BPM. These filters will shape your results by trying to match the instrumentation and/or BPM of your reference track.

We’re excited to introduce Playlist Tracking. Playlist Tracking lets you navigate away from your playlist but easily identify whether tracks in other parts of the site are already in that playlist. To get started, open any MyTrax playlist and click the flag icon in the playlist header.

Now, if any track from that playlist appears elsewhere on the site (e.g. in search or within an album), it’ll be marketed with a flag icon. Clicking the icon of a flagged track will show you which playlists the track is associated with.

Each of our website updates come with many new and powerful features that visitors may not hear about or discover organically. With this new update, we’ve implemented a guided tutorial system that will launch directly on the website for certain visitors, and serve as a quick onboarding for any feature we need to highlight or educate around.