Sharing is Caring

Buddy up with our new collaborative playlist feature

Sharing is Caring

Inviting Team Members 

To collaborate, open an existing playlist or create a new one. Click “INVITE” to open the Playlist Collaboration model. 

Select a user role and share the provided link to allow others to join your playlist. 

This link remains valid indefinitely, though generating a new one will invalidate the previous one. 

User Roles

  • Admins have full control over the playlist. This includes inviting collaborators, managing collaborator permissions, changing the invite link, or deleting the entire playlist.  
  • Editors can make changes to the playlist. This includes adding/deleting and reordering tracks, changing playlist versions and the playlist title or note. They cannot delete the playlist or invite collaborators. 
  • Viewers have read-only access. This means they can play tracks and view notes. They can’t make any changes, nor can they invite other collaborators. 

The Owner is the creator of the playlist, the role is non-transferable.

Regenerating the Invite Link 

You can generate a new invite link at any time. Be aware that this action invalidates the current link, blocking new users from joining with it. However, users who joined with the old link will retain their access. 

Joining a Playlist 

Upon opening an invite link, users receive a prompt: 

Clicking “JOIN” opens the playlist and adds it to their MyTrax Dashboard. Alternatively, selecting “NOT NOW” allows them to join later using the same link, unless a new link is generated. 

Joined users will see the playlist marked with a blue collaboration icon in their playlists: 

Managing Permissions 

After users join, their avatars appear in the top right. The “INVITE” button changes to “MANAGE”. 

Clicking “MANAGE” lets owners and admins add or remove collaborators and change their roles. 

Leaving a Playlist 

Collaborators can leave by clicking the “X” next to their name.  Owners cannot leave but can delete the playlist, removing it for all users. 

Conflict Handling 

If you’re viewing a playlist while another user makes an edit, a notification will appear at the top right, indicating that the remote version of the playlist has been updated, and you’re no longer viewing the latest version.  

Clicking “Please refresh it” will load the most recent version of the playlist. 

You can choose to ignore this message and continue with read-only activities, however, if you try to make changes, you’ll be prompted to refresh the playlist to ensure you’re working with the most up-to-date version. 

Managing Link Access  

Playlist Collaboration introduces an option to disable link access for security. Disabling it restricts access to invited users only.

This setting is in the “Share” menu: