Your wish? Our command.

Introducing our new prompt search feature: ‘Ask Me Anything’.

Your wish? Our command.

Introducing ‘ASK ME ANYTHING’, Extreme’s very own prompt search. Using the powers of AI, you can now type anything into the search bar, and it’ll find you tracks quicker than rubbing a gold lamp.

No more guess work. You can search by brief, scene description, “sounds like”, even by emoji, and the tech will produce accurate results. You don’t even need to know any musical terms. Don’t believe us? Try it.

To get started, activate the ‘ASK ME ANYTHING’ toggle under the search bar:

Some examples of how to search:

  • Epic rock suitable for a sports montage.
  • Tense cooking competition electronic background music.
  • Brooding British period drama scene on the moors. No vocals.
  • Happy, innocent pop for kid’s tv.
  • 😠
  • Chase scene set in Paris.

Not getting the results you need? Try adding more keywords. For example, ‘FUNNY chase scene set in Paris’. You can also filter your search by genre, mood, tempo and a number of other parameters.

If all else fails, we have a global team who know our catalog inside out. Contact us for assistance.