Lights, Camera, Action.

Music videos, artist interviews, live performances and more on Extreme Music’s Youtube channel.

Lights, Camera, Action.

Music Videos, artist interviews and live shows, oh my! We’re a lot more than just ear-candy; take a deep dive into our all access YouTube channel and discover our eye-candy as well!

composer james s levine in a music studio

We have behind the scenes interviews with award-winning and renowned composers, producers, and musicians including James S. Levine, James Everingham, Wizardz of Oz, Steve Lindsey, Blues Saraceno, Martin Tillman, Vinnie Colaiutta.

producer ricky reed as the artist wallpaper in a music studio

You’ll find intimate sets and live performances from legendary acts like WALLPAPER., The Rigs, The Nick Tree Band, Naomi August, Makio and of course, The Biggest Band in the World and so many more.

extreme music on youtube
If you’re curious about what’s on the horizon for Extreme Music, check out our Studio Leaks playlist to anticipate the awesome new releases to come, and For more casual listening we’ve got loads of full albums and lyric videos to explore.

What are we doing wasting time telling you about it? Check out our Youtube channel for yourself here.