How to Create a Successful Production Music Track

With Christian Henson of Spitfire Audio.

How to Create a Successful Production Music Track

Calling all composers:  Learn how to create a successful production music track from Spitfire Audio’s co-founder and composer Christian Henson.

Production music is music that can be licensed for use in television, film, advertisements, radio, and other media. Production music companies like Extreme Music offer a wide range of styles and genres allowing professional music editors, supervisors and producers to find exactly what they need for their project. It can be a lucrative branch of the music & entertainment industry, but many artists & composers don’t know how to unlock its potential because of the unique approach needed to create a successful production music track.

Christian Henson has five incredibly valuable tips that will help you up your production music game. He explains everything from how to arrange your track for editors, the best effects to use and when to use them, the length your tracks should be, and even the best way to name your tracks.

Read all about it on his blog here, or you can find the video “Quick Tip: How To Create A Successful Production Music Track” on Spitfire’s YouTube channel.

Spitfire Audio has organized the world’s best composers, producers, engineers and studios to create detailed, sophisticated and realistic virtual instruments and sample libraries. Extreme Music has partnered with Spitfire to create a production music label chock-full of quintessentially British electro-classical scores with the production music stamp of approval from Mr. Henson himself.

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