General FAQs

What is Extreme Music?

Do I have to be registered to download tracks?

Do I need an account to listen to the music?

How long does it take to be approved to download music?

How do I reset my password?

Who can register to download music from Extreme Music?

I can’t login. What do I do?

Can I try the track before I buy the license?

How do I contact an Extreme Music rep?

Licensing FAQs

Do I have to pay for Public Domain tracks in your library?

Do I get all versions and stems of that track when I buy a license online?

Can I buy tracks for personal use?

What is the cost of using the music?

How do I pay for music from Extreme Music?

I downloaded and paid for the wrong track, what do I do?

Are alternate language versions or cut downs included with my license?

Content FAQs

What type of files can I download from the Extreme website?

Do you make cue sheets?

Can I search lyrics?

I want to listen to Extreme Music’s library, but just for personal use. Can I do that?

Are the downloaded tracks watermarked?

What happens if I use the dislike button on a track?

What if I can't find the right track, can you help?


Are you in a different region?

North America

For North America

All broadcast must be reported to the relevant Performing Right Organization (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOCAN)

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